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When searching online for build options and building companies, it is great to finally find a resource like The website has a great selection of modern house designs and plans, that are completely independent.

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Small House Plans

With the increasing costs of land and construction, many are turning to small house plans. Small homes mean less upkeep, less hoarding, less furnishings, and a more streamlined lifestyle. Small houses are much easier and more affordable to heat and cool, giving them a...

Subdividing In Auckland

Subdividing in Auckland has never been easier thanks to the new Auckland Unitary Plan, many current land owners now are able to add a second or even multiple dwellings to their property.This update to the limitations often makes it easier to subdivide, creating...

Modern House Plans

Modern house plans are an ever changing element in residential house designs. Modern floor plans are continually evolving into any number of designs and styles. One type of modern floor plan that has stood the test of time is “Minimalism.” Minimalism has its roots in...

Open House Plans

Open house plans or open concept plans in residential architecture are a modern design feature that focuses on the joining of once traditional separate rooms into are large shared space, this area has more than one function within it.Open house plans are one of the...

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