Modern House Plans

Modern house plans are an ever changing element in residential house designs. 

Modern floor plans are continually evolving into any number of designs and styles. One type of modern floor plan that has stood the test of time is “Minimalism.”

Minimalism has its roots in the 1950’s and 60’s.  It’s described as intentionally bare spaces, lacking in design, ornamentation, and decoration. The biggest draw of minimalism is that it doesn’t allow clutter and embraces simplicity in furnishings. The owner of a minimalistic home can keep their surroundings simple and clean.

Modern home designs are no longer as popular as they once were, and they have changed in definition. Generally, people who want a “modern” home design are looking for a “contemporary” design instead.  Contemporary designs are more relevant today and focuses on the present as well as the future.

One feature of a modern house plan is its use of larger windows compared to traditional designs. Some designs feature windows over the entire house. New ways of manufacturing glass means that glass sheets can be used in larger and larger openings, spanning great distances.  


While the extensive use of windows means an abundance of natural light and natural heating with sunlight, windows can also mean too much sun and difficulty in cooling the house as well as a lack of privacy, especially at night. Glass surfaces will ultimately lead to higher heating bills as well.

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Many modern house plans feature newer building materials.  With many modern house plans, traditional timber and brick buildings have been replaced with new, improved forms of steel and concrete.  Using these sturdier materials means almost endless possibilities in modern design without the restrictions of traditional materials. Technology has become an important part of modern house plans.

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