Small House Plans

With the increasing costs of land and construction, many are turning to small house plans.

 Small homes mean less upkeep, less hoarding, less furnishings, and a more streamlined lifestyle. Small houses are much easier and more affordable to heat and cool, giving them a smaller footprint and making them better for the environment.
Smaller buildings require less materials. These materials can be higher quality than those of a larger home, where the costs may creep up on the owner and require cutting some corners to stay within budget.

On the other hand, a small floor plan means smaller living in every way. Children require larger spaces, and if your family is larger, these designs may not be a good fit for you. Privacy and relaxation will be hard to find with a small house plan. Additionally, entertaining and having overnight guests may be problematic in a smaller house.
Still, these house plans can be well worth the trade off once the family has gotten used to sharing a smaller space.

One interesting trend of building industry is the Tiny House.

As land and building materials are increasing in price, houses are decreasing in size. Tiny House plans are so versatile and affordable that some people are using them for holiday homes, at-home offices, and private living quarters.
Tiny House plans are generally 45 square metres, and some are even smaller. They gained popularity as an affordable option for those people seeking to downsize their homes and their costs of living. These homes have an added benefit of being portable. They can be taken apart into manageable pieces, loaded on a trailer or truck and transported to another plot of land.

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Because they are small, many Tiny House plans don’t require standard consents. Don’t take this for granted, though; always check with the local council before building any structure, including a Tiny House. Local council requirements, rules and restrictions are different all across New Zealand.

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