Subdividing in Auckland has never been easier thanks to the new Auckland Unitary Plan, many current land owners now are able to add a second or even multiple dwellings to their property.

This update to the limitations often makes it easier to subdivide, creating separate titles for your houses if you proceed with the building first. The costs to subdivide vary from site to site, many factors are taken into consideration when costing for the subdivision such as the accessibility and availability of drainage, House Designs will clearly breakdown all of the cost involved making sure that the process keeps to your budget. 

Steps to completing a Subdivision :


1 – Obtain a Topographic Survey

The first step in subdividing your property is to get a topographical survey of your property completed. This survey will clarify all of the existing data about your site. This includes; location of drainage, trees and existing buildings. Topographical surveys are used to show the basis for any development on a site.


2 – Prepare a Scheme Plan for the Build and Subdivision

 One of our amazing in house designers will use the prepared Topographical Survey to create a scheme plan that shows the placement of your new custom House Designs home on your site. This will also include how the land will be subdivided and what is intended for the land after completion, whether that be selling as a bare lot or building a new home. Whether it be a single house, duplex or even multi unit design, we will make it work.


3 – Prepare the Resource Consent Applications

The House Designs team has a vast knowledge of the numerous conditions required to be completed that are set by the Auckland Council. It is this knowledge that makes the consenting process smooth and successful. If you wanting to subdivide, it is likely that you will need to complete two separate consents, a Land Use consent and a Subdivision consent.


4 – Obtain Resource Consents and Engineering Approval from Council

 This step will often contain quieres from the Council . These queries are all handled by House Designs and our Partners, making the process as easy as possible for you!


5 – Complete the Physical Works and Conditions and Consents

 There often can be a significant amount of physical that needs to be completed at this step to meet the requirements set from the consent process. House Designs and our partners will take care of all of this in a clear way for you.


6 – Apply for a 224c Certificate

 Once all of the physical work consenting process has been completed, you will need to obtain your new 224c Certificate. You will need to collate all of the planning and consenting documents of the work completed and apply to the council to get a 224c Certificate. House Designs will happily take care of this if you require.


7 – Obtain New Titles

 Once your 224c Certificate has been completed and issued, it is now time to lodge all prepared and completed documents to Land Information New Zealand (LINZ). From here, LINZ will approve the plan and issue the new certificates of title with new legal descriptions and your subdivision process is complete!

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The process of subdividing can be extremely complex, especially for someone new to it. In order to help our customers navigate this process, House Designs organise the many partners that need to be involved so you’ll only have to speak with one – us!

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